Project management

For optimum project efficiency, 3 steering bodies have been set up.

The General Steering Committee

The General Steering Committee rounds up all the project beneficiaries (Société des Eaux de Volvic, the town of Saint Etienne, SITHERE of Vals les Bains) and the public authorities in charge of the WFD (Water Agency and DIREN) of the two hydrographic basins concerned (Loire Bretagne and Rhône, Mediterranean and Corsica).
On-going interaction ensures the steering of the project as well as sound, continuous anchoring of its short and medium-term objectives along with immediate and coordinated response from the partners when implementing any corrective measures.

Local Steering Committees

Members of the three local committees: each project beneficiaries, representatives of the local delegations of the Water Agencies and DIREN, key players of the catchment areas concerned: public (ONF (national forest office)) and private (CRPF (regional forest owners’ centres)) managers of the forest, national regional park, approved hydrogeologists, communes, local authority joint boards, water resource protection authorities (CEPIV), chamber of agriculture, etc.
The Local Steering Committees coordinate the adaptation of the pilot actions set up within the scope of the project at each of the experimental sites ensuring dialogue and proactive involvement from the stakeholders of the catchment areas.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee provides a scientific and technical opinion on the different subjects tackled by the SEMEAU project. This committee is made up of experts in the following fields:

hydrological modelling: D. Graillot, Ecole des Mines, Saint Etienne

forest/water quality relation: N. Gassama, Tours University

implementation of the WFD on a European scale: A. Blum, BRGM